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Fire Alarm Systems and Industrial Companies │Surprise

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Fire Alarm Systems and Industrial Companies │Surprise

Fire Alarm Surprise Arizona

Prevent and Defeat Structural Fires with State-of-the-Art Fire Alarm Systems

Industrial as well as general manufacturing plants in Surprise are prone to structural fires. They can be attributed to poorly-maintained equipment, electrical failures, HVAC equipment, not properly-housed flammable gases, and human mistakes. Although fire incidents may be limited to a piece of machinery or segment of a room, they can affect operational processes, and your profit margin takes a hit.

Structural fires can most often be prevented, if not managed, by the expert deployment of fire alarm, sprinkler, and suppression products.

A basic understanding of fire alarms is requisite before unknowingly selecting a fire alarm system. With that being said, here is a break-down of the different types of fire alarm systems for your industrial or manufacturing business.

There are two broad categories of fire alarms for industrial / manufacturing spaces:

1. an automated fire alarm

2. a manual fire alarm.

  • Automated fire alarms can detect heat or smoke. When they do they will transmit an audio-visual signal to everywhere in the facility to warn workers there is a fire emergency.
  • A manual fire alarm is operated via pull stations. If a factory employee spots a fire or smells smoke, they can go to the nearest pull station and pull the lever to warn other workers of a fire.

Subsumed under automated and manual fire alarms there are three different types:

1. Conventional fire alarms contain different zones, electronically attached to the central control panel. This configuration permits the placement of individual fire alarms in different areas of the facility. Such a setup allows the control panel to detect if any alarm has failed to operate.

2. Addressable fire alarms (intelligent systems) offer convenience. This fire alarm system enables the fire alarm tester to switch between automated and manual fire alarms, which go by addresses. With this toggling feature, the fire alarm tester can determine which alarms are operable and which are not.

3. Hybrid fire alarms incorporate conventional and addressable fire alarms under one panel. Depending on the physical infrastructure of your industrial or manufacturing facility, a hybrid fire alarm may be the best choice.

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Access Control and Education │Tempe

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Access Control and Education │Tempe

school access control

Affordable Access Control Solutions for Tight Education Budgets

Industrial institutions like education have seemingly become a preferred target for lone-wolf attacks. Given this harsh reality in the last couple of decades, the phenomenon has increased the need for security on elementary and high school schoolgrounds, and college campuses. Tempe educators are aware school policies regarding security monitoring must address the issue of school violence with security monitoring systems school-district budgets can afford.

Security monitoring technology has answered the call for security monitoring solutions that won’t strain school budgets.


One affordable solution to security monitoring for schools is biometric access control. Biometrics is an identification system that makes use of an individual’s fingers, voice, hands, irises, and heart rate. The beauty of biometrics is it can be incorporated seamlessly into an already in-use security monitoring system. Because of its extreme accuracy and adaptability, biometrics access control is a cost-effective solution, no matter how it is scaled.





Another form of affordable access control is radio frequency identification (RFID). School employees and students can enter restricted access control areas, using a RFID tag, which allows hands-free entry. This keeps school traffic flowing.

It is possible, using RFID tag access control, to monitor the activity of carriers in targeted areas. Flexibility is built into RFID access control to allow for changes in: what areas you want restricted, which people are authorized, and at what times do restrictions need to be applied.

RFID and biometric access control are ideal solutions: inexpensive and easy to use, adaptable to existing access control security monitoring systems, and scalable. They are the way to go in protecting education institutions from threatening events.


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Surveillance Systems and Restaurants │Scottsdale

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Surveillance Systems and Restaurants Scottsdale

Restaurant Surveillance

Stop Cheats and Thieves from Stealing Profits with a Surveillance System

Scottsdale restaurant owners, have you had a rash of dine-and-dash incidents occurring at your restaurant? Your server says: ‘Well, I’m coming up short tonight on my paid tickets, because someone pulled a runner’, (sheepish smile). Not a very good liar, are they? You suspect they’re lining their pockets with your hard-earned income. Or not-earned, in this case.

Such a scenario is one reason you would benefit from the installation of a surveillance system. A surveillance system can variously be made up of a remotely-controlled smart camera, a CCTV system, bullet, dome, live-streaming, hidden, and wireless cameras. Each has its own features and functions whether it’s a stationary, pan / tilt / zoom, real-time monitoring, or a stealth-monitoring type.

Protect Inventory with a Hidden Surveillance Camera

A stealth-monitoring camera (hidden) could be a good choice to place in your wine and liquor inventory rooms. Is it a clock on the wall, a mandated smoke alarm, or . . . a hidden camera, poised to catch an employee pilfering some liquid treasure, which contributes mightily to the size of your profits. Beverages are where most restaurants make their profits, not food.

Protect Employees with a Surveillance Camera System

Ferreting out bad employees is one use of a surveillance system. Protecting good employees (well, the bad ones too) when they enter, or leave the restaurant late at night, or arrive early for the breakfast shift creates a safe and secure environment.

You never know when break-in artists may show up to try and force entry into your business. Or assault an employee heading to their car. Customers as well can be waylaid and mugged when leaving your restaurant late at night. You don’t want any of this.


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What you want is every dollar your restaurant has earned. Who can blame you?

Don’t forget (as if you could) keeping tabs on the cash drawer, POS locations, back-office money-handling areas, the cleaning staff. Not only to find out if they’re doing their jobs, but also if they’re helping themselves to freebies, like the dessert tray.

With a good surveillance system in place, you can discover the good, the bad, and the ugly of your work staff, clean house if necessary, and make better hires next time out.

It’s time to make a wise investment in a good surveillance system to keep the money flowing in, not out on the tides of dishonest workers and opportunistic thieves. Consider calling a reputable security monitoring surveillance company like Phoenix Surveillance today. Call 602-248-8477 or click the link below to get a free quote.


Commercial Fire Alarm Systems │Paradise Valley

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Commercial Fire Alarm Systems │Paradise Valley

commercial fire alarm

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems: Which Ones are Right for Your Commercial Property?

Paradise Valley commercial businesses, are you planning to purchase a new fire alarm system? If so, you need to become acquainted with the different categories and types of fire alarm systems in order to choose a commercial fire alarm system that is right for your building.

The thing you should know is there exists two categories of commercial fire alarms:

1. An automatic fire alarm
2. A manual fire alarm

Automatic Fire alarm

An automatic fire alarm has heat and smoke detectors, which when triggered by a possible fire event, transmit an audio-visual alert. The alert has two elements: (1) overhead flashing lights and (2) a computerized voice giving instructions on how to evacuate.

Manual Fire alarm

A manual fire alarm has what are called pull stations (local alarms), little, red metal boxes, located throughout the building that instruct you to “Pull in Case of Fire”.




Commercial Fire alarm Types

Three types of commercial fire alarms are manufactured:

1. Conventional fire alarms
2. Addressable fire alarms
3. Hybrid fire alarms


These fire alarms are local fire alarms, situated in different parts of your commercial building. Each one is connected electronically to a centralized control panel. During a fire alarm testing the fire alarm technician can trigger any of the pull stations from the control panel to check and see if they are working correctly.


Addressable fire alarms known sometimes as intelligent systems, can switch between automatic and manual fire alarms control panels to check the entire system. The addressable fire alarm system assigns an individual address to each alarm, so the technician testing the system can determine alarms that are working, or not performing to expectations.


Hybrid fire alarms integrate conventional and addressable fire alarms under one control panel. The convenience and efficiency of this aggregate fire alarm system suits some building infrastructures better than either the conventional or addressable fire alarms alone.

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Access Control and Hospitality Industry │Mesa

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Access Control and Hospitality Industry Mesa

Access Control Systems: The Best Bet for Superior Control in Large Facilities

The hospitality industry in Mesa has its seasonal ebbs and flows. But whether it’s a high season of conventions and conferences taking place, or slower periods of low activity, a hotel cannot be without an adequate access control system.

To simplify what an access control system is we’ll limit our discussion to card readers and biometrics.

A Definition for Access Control

To begin, let’s define access control. Access control is a system that limits bodily access via a doorway or space. Access control most often uses a card reader the authorized person uses to get into the restricted area. Gaining entry to a hotel room is a form of access control as is accessing a locker room at some gyms, usually located in a hotel.

On a macro-scale a hotel’s access control system can be made up of a series of access points. The use of a single key, in some access control systems, can allow entry at any access point, while in other cases access is only granted in designated areas.

Restricted Access Conrol

Restricted access control systems are often programmed for administrative rights. This kind of access control system allows one person to assume administrative control by which they can program—with great flexibility—access to chosen areas within the facility.

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Biometric Access Control

Biometrics access control systems are a step up in security monitoring. Card readers can be stolen unless they are pin- or password-protected. Even then they’re still not 100% full-proof. With biometrics, there’s no ability to cheat the system, because a person’s fingerprints are unique. When your fingerprints are read by the biometric device, you’re in-like-Flynt.

Summing it all up, an access control system protects customers, employees, sensitive business data; and in emergency situations the entire facility can go into lock-down via access control.

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