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Fire Alarm Systems and Industrial Companies │Surprise

Fire Alarm Systems and Industrial Companies │Surprise

Fire Alarm Surprise Arizona

Prevent and Defeat Structural Fires with State-of-the-Art Fire Alarm Systems

Industrial as well as general manufacturing plants in Surprise are prone to structural fires. They can be attributed to poorly-maintained equipment, electrical failures, HVAC equipment, not properly-housed flammable gases, and human mistakes. Although fire incidents may be limited to a piece of machinery or segment of a room, they can affect operational processes, and your profit margin takes a hit.

Structural fires can most often be prevented, if not managed, by the expert deployment of fire alarm, sprinkler, and suppression products.

A basic understanding of fire alarms is requisite before unknowingly selecting a fire alarm system. With that being said, here is a break-down of the different types of fire alarm systems for your industrial or manufacturing business.

There are two broad categories of fire alarms for industrial / manufacturing spaces:

1. an automated fire alarm

2. a manual fire alarm.

  • Automated fire alarms can detect heat or smoke. When they do they will transmit an audio-visual signal to everywhere in the facility to warn workers there is a fire emergency.
  • A manual fire alarm is operated via pull stations. If a factory employee spots a fire or smells smoke, they can go to the nearest pull station and pull the lever to warn other workers of a fire.

Subsumed under automated and manual fire alarms there are three different types:

1. Conventional fire alarms contain different zones, electronically attached to the central control panel. This configuration permits the placement of individual fire alarms in different areas of the facility. Such a setup allows the control panel to detect if any alarm has failed to operate.

2. Addressable fire alarms (intelligent systems) offer convenience. This fire alarm system enables the fire alarm tester to switch between automated and manual fire alarms, which go by addresses. With this toggling feature, the fire alarm tester can determine which alarms are operable and which are not.

3. Hybrid fire alarms incorporate conventional and addressable fire alarms under one panel. Depending on the physical infrastructure of your industrial or manufacturing facility, a hybrid fire alarm may be the best choice.

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