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Surveillance Systems and Restaurants │Scottsdale

Surveillance Systems and Restaurants Scottsdale

Restaurant Surveillance

Stop Cheats and Thieves from Stealing Profits with a Surveillance System

Scottsdale restaurant owners, have you had a rash of dine-and-dash incidents occurring at your restaurant? Your server says: ‘Well, I’m coming up short tonight on my paid tickets, because someone pulled a runner’, (sheepish smile). Not a very good liar, are they? You suspect they’re lining their pockets with your hard-earned income. Or not-earned, in this case.

Such a scenario is one reason you would benefit from the installation of a surveillance system. A surveillance system can variously be made up of a remotely-controlled smart camera, a CCTV system, bullet, dome, live-streaming, hidden, and wireless cameras. Each has its own features and functions whether it’s a stationary, pan / tilt / zoom, real-time monitoring, or a stealth-monitoring type.

Protect Inventory with a Hidden Surveillance Camera

A stealth-monitoring camera (hidden) could be a good choice to place in your wine and liquor inventory rooms. Is it a clock on the wall, a mandated smoke alarm, or . . . a hidden camera, poised to catch an employee pilfering some liquid treasure, which contributes mightily to the size of your profits. Beverages are where most restaurants make their profits, not food.

Protect Employees with a Surveillance Camera System

Ferreting out bad employees is one use of a surveillance system. Protecting good employees (well, the bad ones too) when they enter, or leave the restaurant late at night, or arrive early for the breakfast shift creates a safe and secure environment.

You never know when break-in artists may show up to try and force entry into your business. Or assault an employee heading to their car. Customers as well can be waylaid and mugged when leaving your restaurant late at night. You don’t want any of this.


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What you want is every dollar your restaurant has earned. Who can blame you?

Don’t forget (as if you could) keeping tabs on the cash drawer, POS locations, back-office money-handling areas, the cleaning staff. Not only to find out if they’re doing their jobs, but also if they’re helping themselves to freebies, like the dessert tray.

With a good surveillance system in place, you can discover the good, the bad, and the ugly of your work staff, clean house if necessary, and make better hires next time out.

It’s time to make a wise investment in a good surveillance system to keep the money flowing in, not out on the tides of dishonest workers and opportunistic thieves. Consider calling a reputable security monitoring surveillance company like Phoenix Surveillance today. Call 602-248-8477 or click the link below to get a free quote.