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Video Monitoring and Commercial Businesses │Scottsdale

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Video Monitoring and Commercial Businesses Scottsdale


Safeguard and Protect Your Retail Business with Video Monitoring

Commercial retailers in Scottsdale, are you reluctant to install video monitoring equipment in your store? Not having an adequate video monitoring system can put you at risk for loss of inventory, cash receipts, and vandalism. 

To help you make a decision to purchase a video monitoring system here are some actionable reasons:

  • When you position surveillance cameras around your store you can deter crimes from occurring, and save many thousands of dollars every year.
  • Live monitoring with commercial surveillance cameras empowers an authorized employee, such as that hard-working store manager of yours to watch all areas of your store through a CCTV monitor, connected to surveillance cameras. This is a boon to your commercial business as it’s impossible to patrol every aisle in your store, especially if you lease a large space.
  • From a remote-control spot like the cash register area, probably located near the front of the store, a CCTV monitor situated there will help to give the manager a clear view of all customer activity, happening throughout the store.
  • Beside a CCTV to monitor the action, you can choose an Internet protocol (IP) surveillance camera to view the goings-on, using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. How convenient is that?
  • Disputes between customers and employees can occur. We know of one instance in which a store employee managed to short-change a customer by a significant amount of money. If a video surveillance camera had been trained on the cash register, the employee would’ve been caught red-handed.

You don’t want to lose profits, or the customers that bring in those profits. So, take the time today to call Phoenix Surveillance. We will give you a free quote on any video monitoring system you’re thinking about buying. Call 602-248-8477 or click the link below to request a quote.



Security Systems and Restaurants │Scottsdale

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Security Systems and Restaurants Scottsdale

Affordable Security Systems Meet Budget-Conscious Business Needs


Scottsdale restaurant owners know running a busy dining establishment entails many security monitoring issues that must be handled. A security system must be establish to observe credit card transactions, cash transactions, and employee and patron behavior. After-business hours pose other risks, affecting your business’s bottom line, including theft or vandalism. Then there are threats to your business’s investments like a failed freezer that could cost add tremendous cost to your bottom line.

A well-set-up surveillance security system is vital to help you protect your business assets and the safety of your restaurant staff. Three solutions that can assist in this endeavor are invasion protection, access control, and video monitoring.

  • Invasion protection works through the systematic placement of such products as theft alarms and silent panic buttons to aid in securing employee and patron safety and security.
  • Access control is ever-evolving to give you better solutions to out-of-date mechanical locks and keys, implementing instead electronic locks, security tags, and access control cards. These products will prevent security concerns as code-sharing among employees, or a former employee having possession of a key.

Other access control products can prevent entry to such vulnerable spaces where walk-ins and freezers are kept, along with liquor and wine inventories (susceptible to theft).

  • Advanced video monitoring cameras will track activity in crucial locations like cash drawers, entryways and exits.

To protect other business assets such as the already-mentioned risk of an out-of-order freezer, new temperature-monitoring instruments can be incorporated into your security monitoring system.

These latest advances in security systems are a wise decision to help you save money in the long run. Our advice is to call Phoenix Surveillance today to find out what your restaurant’s particular needs are, and how upgrading to a new security monitoring system can be made affordable. Call us at 602-248-8477 or click the link below to request a quote online.


Surveillance Cameras and Industrial Businesses │Scottsdale

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Surveillance Cameras and Industrial Businesses │Scottsdale

CCTV: What It Is and How It Works

Many new industry startups in Scottsdale want to know what CCTV is and how CCTV can benefit their businesses.
CCTV is the acronym for closed circuit television, defined as a closed system, meaning the CCTV signal is not broadcast over the airwaves externally. Instead the circuit is internal, with direct connections made between the security camera, display monitor, and video recording device (VRD). The VRD transmits its footage to the closed-circuit elements. The most basic CCTV systems connect to the display monitor using a coaxial cable. More cameras can be added as long as there are corresponding monitor outputs.
It should also be noted that today’s VRDs are digital, capable of holding more video as well as an automatic data backup feature.

CCTV is most often used for surveillance cameras, found in many industrial businesses such as hospitality, banking, restaurants, retail, healthcare, and more.

CCTV is an adaptable system in that as long as a camera can broadcast a signal, it can become part of a CCTV system. And it doesn’t matter if the security camera is wired or wireless.

The best use of CCTV is with the most sophisticated surveillance cameras. These kinds of cameras contain pan / tilt / zoom features that permit the user to control the camera by remote means.

CCTV can also accommodate hidden cameras. The upside of hidden security cameras is they can fool crooks into thinking they are free and clear from getting recorded while committing criminal acts. The downside is that hidden surveillance cameras will not keep crimes from being carried out as with a visible security camera that can be detected.

Do you need CCTV for your local business? Our happy crew is happy to assist you! Call 602-248-8477 or click the link below to request a quote!



Robots of Tomorrow, Today!

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Robots of Tomorrow, Today!

The security industry has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Advancements in the field are constantly enhancing the end product making your security affordable and effective. In recent years, however, AI has added a excitng new dimension to world of security.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is described as "any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal". (Source: Wikipedia) Autonomous robots and drones are taking security to the next level. In situations where it might be too risky or unsafe to send a human, these unmanned security options can add safety and security.

With these technologies burgeoning into the security field, this year at ISCWest they held their first "Unmanned Security Expo". This expo focused on Aerial Vehicles (or drones), Ground Robotics & Vehicles and the various software and applications that support them.  In a happy coincidence this week just happens to be National Robotics Week, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you about some of the robotics I encountered last week.


IMG 0314

IMG 0414

There were several drone companies with booths at ISCWest. Highlights included a demo by Nightingale Security where they showed us a live mission taking place in California. Their drones include live video streams, autonomous landing and charging, manual control if needed and a whole lot more! Harwar had an impressive Public Security drone on display. This drone has interchangeable attachments such as high elevation propellers, Lipo batteries and chargers, USB sticks, speakers and more that can be useful for emergency response situations. In addition to these there were plenty of exhibits, education and demos. And interestingly, an anti-drone booth.


Back down on earth were the Ground Robotics and Vehicles. These varied immensely from a friendly robot with a face who asked if you wanted to take a selfie with it to vehicles that looked like they came straight from a Mission to Mars.

IMG 0302

Meet RAMSEE. He's an autonomous security patrol robot. He has video surveillance, infrared vision, laser radar navigation, heat sensors, toxic gas detection and more! While not quite humanoid, he was definitely the most friendly and human like of the robots that I saw.

IMG 0282

Next up is RAD(Robotic Assistance Devices). RAD robotic solutions have an autonomous robotic guard that provides solutions for operational, security and monitoring needs. Its wheels and rugged nature make it ideal for hard to get to places where safety is critical.

IMG 0309

This is K5 by Knightscope. He is an Autonomous Data Machine (ADM) that provides a security solution for routine and sometimes dangerous situations. Through numerous sensors, it's able to determine various threat and concerns. The sleek and futuristic design gives "a commanding but friendly physical security presence."

I enjoyed speaking with some of the exhibitors about their drones and robots so stay tuned for our next podcast episode that will be focusing on the robotics at ISCWest!

As robots become more and more integrated into our society it's very fascinating to see the different ways the security industry is using them. I look forward to the Unmanned Security Expo at ISCWest next year to see what further advancements have been made!

ISC West Highlights

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ISC West Highlights

IMG 0252

Last week ISC West was held in Las Vegas, NV. ISC West, or the International Security Conference & Expo, is a must for those in the security field because it's the largest security trade show in the industry! With over 29,000 security professionals it's the perfect place to network, learn about new and existing companies and discover cutting edge technology.

IMG 0276

The show room floor was immense with some very impressive set-ups from industry giants like HikVision, DW, Avigilon,, United Technologies, Rapid Response, Bosch and more! Some of the 'smart home' displays actually had mini houses built for their displays!

IMG 0288

IMG 0291IMG 0292

 IMG 0312

It was fascinating to learn about some of the up and coming trends in technology such as the internet of things, the cloud, virtual reality, artificial intelligence as well as the continual enhancement of everyday tech.

IMG 0314

My favorite part was the Unmanned Security Expo, where drones, robots and similar technology were housed. I am immensely fascinated by robotics  and was thrilled to meet a few robots face to face and see some drone demos. 

IMG 0282 IMG 0302

I was fortunate to be able to get audio interviews with some very interesting folks, so be sure to check out our podcast with ISC West coverage!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at ISC West and are already counting down the days til ISC West 2018!

To find out more about ISC West go to