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Access Control and Education │Tempe

Access Control and Education │Tempe

school access control

Affordable Access Control Solutions for Tight Education Budgets

Industrial institutions like education have seemingly become a preferred target for lone-wolf attacks. Given this harsh reality in the last couple of decades, the phenomenon has increased the need for security on elementary and high school schoolgrounds, and college campuses. Tempe educators are aware school policies regarding security monitoring must address the issue of school violence with security monitoring systems school-district budgets can afford.

Security monitoring technology has answered the call for security monitoring solutions that won’t strain school budgets.


One affordable solution to security monitoring for schools is biometric access control. Biometrics is an identification system that makes use of an individual’s fingers, voice, hands, irises, and heart rate. The beauty of biometrics is it can be incorporated seamlessly into an already in-use security monitoring system. Because of its extreme accuracy and adaptability, biometrics access control is a cost-effective solution, no matter how it is scaled.





Another form of affordable access control is radio frequency identification (RFID). School employees and students can enter restricted access control areas, using a RFID tag, which allows hands-free entry. This keeps school traffic flowing.

It is possible, using RFID tag access control, to monitor the activity of carriers in targeted areas. Flexibility is built into RFID access control to allow for changes in: what areas you want restricted, which people are authorized, and at what times do restrictions need to be applied.

RFID and biometric access control are ideal solutions: inexpensive and easy to use, adaptable to existing access control security monitoring systems, and scalable. They are the way to go in protecting education institutions from threatening events.


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