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Popular CCTV Camera Styles

Posted in Phoenix Security Blog

You probably already know that installing a surveillance camera system (also known as cctv cameras) can be instrumental in detouring criminal activity. What you may not know is what camera is going to work best for your specific situation. That's where we come in. In this article we'll discuss 3 main styles of cctv cameras and how they work.

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Bullet Style

Bullet style cameras are small, bullet shaped and typically look like a traditional camera. They can be easily mounted on flat surfaces like ceilings and walls. One main advantage is their low cost. If you are in need of an indoor/outdoor camera Infrared Bullet Cameras can be an excellent option due to their ability to work well in low light situations as well as normal lighting conditions.

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Dome Style

The Dome Style camera is recognizable by its dome shape. These cameras are commonly used for locations such a casinos, stores, schools and restaurants. Many people prefer domes because they are more chic and able to blend in to their surroundings. It can also be beneficial because the outer dome can help to conceal the lens, thus making it harder for criminals to know where to look. Infrared models of dome cameras can also be obtained if you need night vision.

Lens of Mini Camcorder

Covert Style

Covert style cameras, also known as "hidden cameras" or "spy cameras" , are an excellent option if you are wanting to monitor people and property secretly. These camouflaged cameras can be hidden in casings to resemble fire sprinklers, alarm sensors, smoke detectors or whatever small object the customer would like. These cameras typically won't give you the best in picture quality, but if you're willing to sacrifice picture quality for covertness, then this style may be the best option for you.

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Why Your School Needs a Surveillance System

Posted in Phoenix Security Blog

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The safety of our children continues to be a high priority for us and a surveillance system is a smart way to implement security in your school. There are many reasons a security system can improve the overall environment of your campus, so let's examine a few of them.


Easily seen cameras can do much to detour bad behavior. When students know they're being watched it can be an added motivation for them to be on their best behavior. This in turn can give students as well as staff an added measure of safety.

Monitoring Visitors

Cameras can also be useful when used to monitor visitors. They can be placed at strategic areas so staff can be alerted to the presence of visitors. They can also be used to make sure guests sign in at the front desk, and to ensure they follow school rules while they're on the premise.

Curbing Vandalism and Theft

Property crimes are a costly and  unfortunate occurrence we see all too often. Surveillance cameras can be beneficial in this area by watching your property 24/7 and proving necessary footage in the event of a crime. And also, even the sight of cameras may be enough to detour crimes from taking place.

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Three Benefits of Having a Surveillance Camera System for Your Commercial Property

Posted in Phoenix Security Blog

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Three Benefits of Having a Surveillance Camera System for Your Commercial Property

Advances in technology and a dramatic decrease in price have made surveillance cameras increasingly widespread in our modern society. If you are considering a new commercial surveillance system or considering an upgrade it's helpful to know some of the benefits they can give your business. Here are three ways a commercial surveillance system can help you.

1. Commercial Surveillance Systems can Help Reduce Theft

Strategically placed cameras will allow you to clearly see what's happening on your commercial site. The sharp digital footage combined with the wide angles of viewing coverage will enable you to keep an eye on what happens around your facility. In addition, sometimes the very sight of surveillance cameras will detour possible theft!

2. Solid Evidence Can Be Obtained from Surveillance Systems

In the event of a crime, a commercial surveillance system can give you the needed evidence to not only find the perpetrator, but also successfully convict them of the crime. The high resolution imaging combined with sound recording capabilities can give Police everything they need to prosecute.

3. Surveillance Systems Can Have a Positive Effect on Productivity

A surveillance camera system for your commercial site can be useful for catching and stopping unproductive behavior. With cameras installed, it's easy to see if your employees are hard at work. Most employees find it easier to stay on task when they know they're being watched.

Do you want to learn more about how a surveillance camera system can enhance your commercial property? At Phoenix Surveillance we're happy to assist you. Our friendly and dedicated staff are ready to help you find the exact solution you're looking for. Click the link below or give us a call at 602-248-8477 to get a free quote today!


How to Choose the Right Security Camera

Posted in Phoenix Security Blog

security camera

Choosing the right security camera might seem like uncharted territory for you, but we're here to help! This handy infographic gives you the basics of security cameras and will help you to make an informed decision. 

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how to choose the right security camera

The Role of Security Cameras in our Society

Posted in Phoenix Security Blog

Security cameras are becoming increasingly prevalent in our society. Though this might make some hesitant, it also has its benefits. 

The recorded footage often helps with investigations and expediates the process when searching for suspects. We've seen this recently in New York City when the bombing suspects were aprehended as well more close to home when cameras caught footage of three Phoenix police offices being run over in a QT parking lot.

At Phoenix Surveillance we are happy to provide our services and do what we can to make our city safer. Recently our General Manager, Daniel Hadley, shared some of his expertise for a story on surveillance cameras that aired on 3TV.

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