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Surveillance Cameras and Commercial Businesses │Glendale

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Surveillance Cameras and Commercial Businesses Glendale

Surveillance Camera Commercial Glendale

How You Can Stop Theft, Protect Business Assets, and Improve Employee Productivity

Glendale commercial business owners listen up! If you’ve been putting off upgrading your surveillance system, here’s some good news. Because of technological improvements in surveillance cameras and their increasing affordability, keeping your business assets safe and sound is now possible to a greater degree with more sophisticated surveillance cameras.

In case you’re not aware of how your commercial business will benefit from the deployment of security cameras, we offer three major reasons security cameras are a must-have in today’s business climate.

Reducing Theft. 

A well-thought-out strategy of where to place security cameras can aid--with greater clarity--the ability to monitor activity, occurring on your commercial property.

The wide-angled and high-def footage of the latest security camera models will permit you to survey any unlawful activities occurring in and outside your business establishment.

Documenting Evidence.

Security monitoring, using a high-res surveillance camera, can capture a crime in progress, clearly identifying the criminal, and helping law enforcement to find and prosecute the offender.

Monitoring Employees.

Having a surveillance camera monitoring employees will deter them from slacking off on the job. Knowing they’re under the scrutiny of a security camera will discipline them, helping them develop better work habits, and possibly leading to improved work reviews. It’s a win-win for your commercial business’s productivity, and a boost to your employees’ confidence they are succeeding at their jobs.

There are more reasons to purchase a security camera that Phoenix Surveillance wants you to know about. Our security pros are ready and willing to help facilitate a solution that works best for your particular business needs.

So, commercial business owners in Glendale, contact us today by either clicking on the link below, or call us at 602-248-8477 for your free quote!


Helpful Cybersecurity Tips for Computer Security Day

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Helpful Cybersecurity Tips for Computer Security Day

It's hard to imagine a world without modern electronic devices. We us computers, tablets, phones, and increasingly more internet accessible devices constantly and reap the benefits of streamlined technology, better communication, and instantaneous access to things. This technology, while helpful, has also created new concerns regarding privacy and security. In order to bring this topic to the attention of the public, Computer Security Day was instituted back in 1988.

Today computer security is more important than ever, so in honor of Computer Security Day here are a few cybersecurity tips from The U.S. Small Business Administration:

Protect Against Viruses, Spyware, and Other Malicious Code

Ensure that all of your company's computers have anitvirus software and antispyware installed and up to date. It's also a good idea to configure all software to update automatically.

Secure Your Networks

Protect your networks by using a firewall and encrypting information. Make sure any Wi-Fi network is secure and hidden. You can do this by setting up your wireless access point or router so it doesn't broadcast the network name. Also be sure to password protect the router.

Establish Security Practices and Policies to Protect Sensitive Information

Set up clearly defined policies on how employees should handle sensitive data. Establish any consequences of violating these policies.

Control Physical Access to Computers and Network Components

Prevent unauthorized use of company computers by ensuring that each employee has a separate user account and original password. Take particular care with laptops since they can be more easily lost or stolen. Administration privileges should be given sparingly, ideally only to trusted IT staff and key personnel.

Check out all 10 tips on the U.S. Small Business Administration's website here.

Phoenix Surveillance specializes in custom surveillance and security systems, covering digital video recording and internet viewing capabilities. If you're interested in any of these services call 602-248-8477 for a free quote or fill on the request below.


Do You Need Access Control Installation?

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access control installation in phoenix

Do You Need Access Control Installation?

Access Control: A Definition

Access Control is a method in which one can regulate access to a particular resource. Usually the said resource consists of a physical and/or virtual location of a business. By having an Access Control System installation you'll be able to keep an eye on everyone who has access to the building.


Why You Need Access Control

In this day and age, safety and security are of paramount importance. In our society it's unheard of to have a building without a simple lock and key. While this is a basic and sometimes effective precaution modern technology has dramatically enhanced the way we we're able to protect our assets. Access Control gives you a streamlined and efficient method to keep your premises safe.


Access Control Benefits

No More Lost or Stolen Keys

Physical keys and locks can be expensive to replace in the event of a lost, stolen or unreturned key. Access Control installation makes it easy to deactivate access for a specific person. This will save your business time and money.

Record Assessment

An Access Control system gives you valuable digital information. This information includes a written history of every entry and exit to the building. This can be invaluable for internal issues such as time card reconciliations as well as external reasons including evidence to provide officials in the event of criminal activity.


Click here to request your FREE Access Control Quote!

Remote Access

Remote Access Control is an added benefit. This can help you to buzz in visitors to the building from an offsite location. It can also enable you to easily put the whole building in lock down in case of an emergency.

Contact the Experts

At Phoenix Surveillance we have friendly and qualified access control installers that can help you find the perfect solution for your business. We offer plans that are flexible and affordable so give a call today and we'll put you on the path to a state of the art access control system! Give us a call at 602-248-8477 or if you prefer you can click the link below and fill out an online request.



What is CCTV?

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CCTV is a very common term in the security industry. You may have heard it, but wondered what the acronym stands for and what exactly CCTV entails.  This article will give you a brief introduction to CCTV and familiarize you with the way a CCTV system works.

A Definition for CCTV

CCTV stands for 'Closed Circuit Television.  So this is a system where the circuits are closed and all of the elements are connected directly. This differs from broadcast television in that the signals cannot be broadcast across airwaves.

Applications for CCTV

Security systems are probably the most well known use for CCTV. With the vast array of businesses and establishments using CCTV, the scope is extremely varied in the individual use of the system. Some of the most common types of business entities that need or want an CCTV installation are:

  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Casinos
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Industrial complex
  • Commercial Centers
  • And More!

The Camera

Cameras are the focal point of any CCTV system. Much like the human eye, it captures the picture that will be sent to the control center. CCTV cameras are typically not fitted with a lens. This must be added separately and screwed on the front of the camera. Additional modifications can in include focus and iris adjustment.

The Monitor

Once that picture is captured by the camera it needs to be reproduced at the control center. This is similar to a television receive except with the notable difference of not having tuning circuits.

Putting it All Together

In a simple CCTV system the camera is connected directly to the monitor by a coaxial cable and receives the power directly from the monitor. This is called a line powered camera. Multiple cameras can be added by utilizing additional outputs to the monitor.

These days it's common to have a video recorder as part of the CCTV system. This involves the addition of a video switcher which all cameras connect to. The switcher is then connected to the video recorder which in turn is connected to the monitor.

Call the Experts!

Here at Phoenix Surveillance, we're ready to help you with all of your CCTV needs! Give us a call today and our knowledgeable staff will find a CCTV solution that works for you. Or, if you prefer, you can fill out a request for a free quote by using the link below.



Crime Prevention for Phoenix Area Businesses

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Crime Prevention for Phoenix Area Businesses

Crimes is an expensive and time consuming catastrophe that can affect any of us. When businesses are afflicted with crime, they often react by changing hours of operation, raising prices to cover costs, relocating to different community, or simply closing down for good.

Whether your Phoenix area business has already had a crime incident or you're just trying to be preventative, a commercial security system is a definite benefit for you. We're happy to give you a free quote for any services, but first it's good lay out the groundwork for your security plan.

Security begins with you and it's important to evaluate your business to determine its vulnerability. Things you want to consider are: the physical layout, the hiring procedure, and preexisting security measures.

Some Basic Principles for Crime Prevention are:

Make sure all employees are up to date with your security procedures and know the expectations.

Use good equipment such a locks, safes and alarms.

Ensure definitive security are in place for things like employee theft, reporting crime, keeping records and opening and closing the business.

Mark equipment with identification numbers

Additional Burglary Prevention Tips:

Make sure all inside and outside entrances have security locks.

Have sufficient lighting inside and outside, especially around entry points.

Ensure the parking lot has adequate lighting as well as unobstructed views.

Connect with us to come up with a security plan that works for you!


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A good security system a great way to assist you in curtailing crime. We offer several affordable and customizable plans that can help you with crime prevention. Click the link below for a free quote or give us a call today at 602-248-8477!