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What is CCTV?



CCTV is a very common term in the security industry. You may have heard it, but wondered what the acronym stands for and what exactly CCTV entails.  This article will give you a brief introduction to CCTV and familiarize you with the way a CCTV system works.

A Definition for CCTV

CCTV stands for 'Closed Circuit Television.  So this is a system where the circuits are closed and all of the elements are connected directly. This differs from broadcast television in that the signals cannot be broadcast across airwaves.

Applications for CCTV

Security systems are probably the most well known use for CCTV. With the vast array of businesses and establishments using CCTV, the scope is extremely varied in the individual use of the system. Some of the most common types of business entities that need or want an CCTV installation are:

  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Casinos
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Industrial complex
  • Commercial Centers
  • And More!

The Camera

Cameras are the focal point of any CCTV system. Much like the human eye, it captures the picture that will be sent to the control center. CCTV cameras are typically not fitted with a lens. This must be added separately and screwed on the front of the camera. Additional modifications can in include focus and iris adjustment.

The Monitor

Once that picture is captured by the camera it needs to be reproduced at the control center. This is similar to a television receive except with the notable difference of not having tuning circuits.

Putting it All Together

In a simple CCTV system the camera is connected directly to the monitor by a coaxial cable and receives the power directly from the monitor. This is called a line powered camera. Multiple cameras can be added by utilizing additional outputs to the monitor.

These days it's common to have a video recorder as part of the CCTV system. This involves the addition of a video switcher which all cameras connect to. The switcher is then connected to the video recorder which in turn is connected to the monitor.

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