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Access Control and Hospitality Industry │Mesa

Access Control and Hospitality Industry Mesa

Access Control Systems: The Best Bet for Superior Control in Large Facilities

The hospitality industry in Mesa has its seasonal ebbs and flows. But whether it’s a high season of conventions and conferences taking place, or slower periods of low activity, a hotel cannot be without an adequate access control system.

To simplify what an access control system is we’ll limit our discussion to card readers and biometrics.

A Definition for Access Control

To begin, let’s define access control. Access control is a system that limits bodily access via a doorway or space. Access control most often uses a card reader the authorized person uses to get into the restricted area. Gaining entry to a hotel room is a form of access control as is accessing a locker room at some gyms, usually located in a hotel.

On a macro-scale a hotel’s access control system can be made up of a series of access points. The use of a single key, in some access control systems, can allow entry at any access point, while in other cases access is only granted in designated areas.

Restricted Access Conrol

Restricted access control systems are often programmed for administrative rights. This kind of access control system allows one person to assume administrative control by which they can program—with great flexibility—access to chosen areas within the facility.

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Biometric Access Control

Biometrics access control systems are a step up in security monitoring. Card readers can be stolen unless they are pin- or password-protected. Even then they’re still not 100% full-proof. With biometrics, there’s no ability to cheat the system, because a person’s fingerprints are unique. When your fingerprints are read by the biometric device, you’re in-like-Flynt.

Summing it all up, an access control system protects customers, employees, sensitive business data; and in emergency situations the entire facility can go into lock-down via access control.

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