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Healthcare Administrators: Save Big Money in Ransomware Attacks with a Network Alarm System

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Healthcare Administrators: Save Big Money in Ransomware Attacks with a Network Alarm System

The healthcare sector in places like Tempe and elsewhere are experiencing network security breaches at an exponential pace. Because this industry in particular holds extensive repositories of patient medical records, including their identities.

If patient records have been hijacked and held for ransom, known as ransomware attacks, the healthcare facility (usually a hospital) will pay up quickly, since they cannot function without patient records for long at all.

Another cause for concern are healthcare employees, who are authorized to access patient records, and are oftentimes clueless of the vulnerabilities of the hospital network.

A solution to the problem of network security in a healthcare environment is an intrusion detection and prevention (IDS / IPS) alarm system. This dual-component security monitoring software augments a firewall, which cannot possibly stand up to network security attacks from hackers.

Simply described, an IDS / IPS system is a two-step security monitoring management tool. The first component, intrusion detection, monitors events occurring in the network. It does an analysis of the events, looking for indicators of potentially harmful incidents, security breaches, or close-at-hand security threats that can violate security procedures.

The second component, intrusion prevention, overlaps intrusion detection, also monitoring events, but taking the additional step of halting about-to-occur incidents.

An IDS / IPS security monitoring system can perform two important functions: 1) continually monitor the network for might- or might-not-happen incidents, create a log, terminate the incident, and inform security administrators. 2) Note security policy problems and prevent hackers from interrupting security procedures.

As a healthcare administrator in Tempe, it’s important to thwart potentially debilitating security breaches to your network, saving thousands of dollars as a result of implementing an IDS / IPS network alarm system. To set up your own security plan call Phoenix Surveillance at 602-248-8477 or request a quote below.



McGruff the Crime Dog: Origin Story

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McGruff the Crime Dog: Origin Story

"Take a bite out of crime". These words were made famous when McGruff the crime dog came onto the scene in 1980. Most of us are aware of McGruff which is a testament to the incredibly successful advertising campaign he's had over the past 37 years. But who is McGruff and how did he come to be? Let's find out!

The History of McGruff the Crime Dog

The history of this famous pooch traces back to the late 1970's. In 1978, The Advertising Council took on a mission that would help the nation learn to fight crime. They assigned the task to the high profile ad agency, Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, who volunteered their time and creative abilities. 

After several focus groups had been conducted it was determined that a campaign was needed to "emphasize that individual actions can reduce crime" and "offer easily accessible opportunities for people to participate."

Jack Keil, the executive vice president and creative director of Dancer Fitzgerald Sample came up with the idea of an animal mascot similar to Smokey The Bear. After coming up with the slogan—"Take a bite out of crime"—he decided the mascot should be a dog. His first version was "a Snoopy look-alike wearing a Keystone Cop hat." But, his creative team didn't think the dog would be taken seriously.

The creative teams were give a day to come up with a new concept. Rejected  proposals included a bulldog version of J. Edgar Hoover, a golden retriever, an "aggressive-looking deputy dog", and a "mongrel who became a wonder dog". The proposal Keil ultimately went with, which would go on to become McGruff, was a talking dog in a raincoat produced by Sherry Nemmers and Ray Krivascy who "was tired...he had seen the world, and he had epitomized all the detectives we had seen from Raymond Chabdler to Dasheill Hammet and even Columbo."


McGruff Through the Years

McGruff continues to educate the public to this day. He has made thousands of appearances at community and school events and on radio and television. His messages have changed from urging personal, family, and home security to more broadly based crime prevention concerns. In the 1980's he encouraged people to join Neighborhood Watch and clean up streets and parks so they’d be less inviting for criminals. In the 1990's, the Campaign addressed the effects of gun-related violence on children. Current issues include volunteering, bullying, Internet safety, and identity theft. And McGruff will soon tackle cyberbullying and telemarketing fraud against seniors.

Tips From McGruff

  • To lock doors, leave the lights on when away from home, and let neighbors know when you go on vacation 
  • Do things that build a sense of neighborhood and create communities that don't produce crime and where people look out for each other and kids feel safe 
  • Get involved, to join Neighborhood Watch, and to clean up streets and parks 
  • For children and teens to protect themselves from substance abuse, bullies, and gang violence

In Conclusion

McGruff is a beloved icon in the world of crime prevention. He has changed with the times and has been an effective tool in educating the public about crime prevention in whatever way is applicable. In an ever-changing world, I'm sure that McGruff will continue to help everyday citizens "take a bite out of crime" for years to come!
Find out more about Mcruff on his wikipedia page!
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CRIME WAVE IN SURPRISE - How Can You Protect Yourself?

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CRIME WAVE IN SURPRISE - How Can You Protect Yourself?

A recent crime wave in Surprise, Arizona has local businesses on edge. In the past month there have been multiple reports of theft and damage and the cost both in time and equipment has been devastating for these small businesses.

This string of attacks has a lot of Surprise Business Owners wondering what they can do to protect themselves. Even though crime is a constant reality in this day and age there are things you can do to protect yourself. So here are some practical ways you can do just that.

An Open and Tidy Exterior

The key here is to minimize any potential spots for hiding or sneaking around. If you have shrubbery be sure to have it regularly cared for so it doesn't provide unwanted cover. Also make sure you have sufficiant lighting (both indoors and outdoors) and doesn't allow for unseen areas. Stay on top of burnt out light bulbs and ensure a bright atmosphere at all times.

Reinforced Windows and Doors

Reinforced locks for windows and doors can also be a significant theft deterrent. Heavy duty deadbolts, doorjambs, and strike plates can all aid in this regard.

Alarm Systems and Surveillance Cameras

Alarm systems and surveillance cameras are a highly effective way to reduce crime on your property. An alarm system typically offers a network of surveillance equipment that monitors and notifies the proper channels when an unauthorized intruded is detected.

Surveillance cameras act as a 'silent witness' capturing much needed images of the crime and the perpetrator(s). Video technology is constantly getting better and cheaper with each passing year making this a very attainable and powerful tool to fight crime.

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Tech Tuesday: Online Threats 101 [Infographic]

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The world of cyber security can be a daunting and perplexing one. With new threats around every corner, it can be difficult to know a worm from virus or a trojan horse from spyware. So for this Tech Tuesday, we'd like to share this handy infographic from Zone Alarm on the topic. 


So how can we protect ourselves from online threats? Some useful tips from this infographic include: setting up a 2 way firewall and anti-virus software, keeping your computer up-to-date with the latest security patches, using strong and unique passwords, being wary of public wifi networks and trusting your gut instincts.

And of course, if you ever have issues when any of the software or hardware we've installed, we're here to help. Give us a call at 602-248-8477 and we'll give you the needed support.


Tech Tuesday: Crazy & New technology

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Tech Tuesday:

Crazy & New technology

Tech Tuesday2

It's no secret that technology seems to be advancing daily, but these advancements have not all been debuted for public use yet. I'm sure Alexander Graham Bell caught some attention for the telephone, but these new inventions are branding a completely new lifestyle for the future-- a lifestyle of luxury.


1. Immersit 4D Motion Device

Have you ever been to those shows or on those rides where you watch a brief movie while your seat vibrates with sounds from the movie? Well, this new invention is barely like that. Immersit has changed the cinematic experience forever. You can bring this "ride" to your home. Immersit inserts a set of hydraulic feet into your couch that can evaluate the show or movie your watching and respond to the sounds with full vibrations and motions that will forever change movie night.


2. NXT-ID Wocket Smart Wallet

A Wocket is a smart socket for your cards and you can lock it then put it in your pocket. That was inspired by the one and only wordsmith, Dr. Seuss. Anyways, this invention is pretty cool. Basically, it's a wallet that you never have to open and shuffle through. You select which card you want from the touch screen or command with your voice and it pops up like toast out of a toaster! For security, you can protect all of your cards with a pin. It only cost $180, which is pretty cheap for something as high tech and convenient as the Wocket.

tea kettle

3. Milto

Isn't it annoying have to heat up a whole kettle of water when you're making tea or other hot drinks and having to wait for ALL the water to heat up when all you want is one measly cup of tea? Well, Milto completely exonerates that issue. Milto is a sustainable heating rod that warms liquid in your cup and diminishes the use of a kettle or pot to boil water. Milto can be used to warm-up soup, milk, and lattes as well, so if there's no microwave handy, just grab pop your Milto rod in your cup or bowl.


4. L’Oreal’s Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings

Okay people, prepare for this. L'Oreal has rolled out the first-ever smart hairbrush. If you're thinking why on earth do you need a smart hair brush, don't worry, that was our initial thought too. This hairbrush is designed to determine how healthy your hair is and whether you've been taking the right measures to protect it. It can tell you how wet your hair is to prevent you from frying it by applying heat too soon. It can tell you if it needs more conditioner. It will send your healthy hair score to your smart phone along with hair product recommendations. Basically, L'Oreal just wants everybody to have beautiful hair.


5. Genican

Are you bad at making those habitual grocery list and often end up with an empty fridge by the end of the month... or week (no judgments)? Well, Genican may help you with that. Genican is a device you attach to your trash can and anytime you throw something away it scans the bar code of product and orders it through Amazon's Dash service. You can also use your voice to command the Genican to order products in case it doesn't have a bar code. World's best trash can? I think so.

(NOTE- if it wasn't obvious, these aren't actual images of the products. These are images of the products they will be replacing, except for the Dr. Seuss book...that's just a bonus)

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