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Commercial Fire Alarm Systems │Paradise Valley

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems │Paradise Valley

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Commercial Fire Alarm Systems: Which Ones are Right for Your Commercial Property?

Paradise Valley commercial businesses, are you planning to purchase a new fire alarm system? If so, you need to become acquainted with the different categories and types of fire alarm systems in order to choose a commercial fire alarm system that is right for your building.

The thing you should know is there exists two categories of commercial fire alarms:

1. An automatic fire alarm
2. A manual fire alarm

Automatic Fire alarm

An automatic fire alarm has heat and smoke detectors, which when triggered by a possible fire event, transmit an audio-visual alert. The alert has two elements: (1) overhead flashing lights and (2) a computerized voice giving instructions on how to evacuate.

Manual Fire alarm

A manual fire alarm has what are called pull stations (local alarms), little, red metal boxes, located throughout the building that instruct you to “Pull in Case of Fire”.




Commercial Fire alarm Types

Three types of commercial fire alarms are manufactured:

1. Conventional fire alarms
2. Addressable fire alarms
3. Hybrid fire alarms


These fire alarms are local fire alarms, situated in different parts of your commercial building. Each one is connected electronically to a centralized control panel. During a fire alarm testing the fire alarm technician can trigger any of the pull stations from the control panel to check and see if they are working correctly.


Addressable fire alarms known sometimes as intelligent systems, can switch between automatic and manual fire alarms control panels to check the entire system. The addressable fire alarm system assigns an individual address to each alarm, so the technician testing the system can determine alarms that are working, or not performing to expectations.


Hybrid fire alarms integrate conventional and addressable fire alarms under one control panel. The convenience and efficiency of this aggregate fire alarm system suits some building infrastructures better than either the conventional or addressable fire alarms alone.

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