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Security Monitoring and Hospitality │Glendale 

Secure Your Hotel Guests and Employees with Security Monitoring

Operations managers in Glendale, who are in charge of the overall safety and security of hotel guests; you naturally think first of them when considering upgrading to a new security monitoring system system. But have you thought about your front desk employees on swing or graveyard shifts, who are registering guests into the wee hours of the morning and later? Job security to them doesn’t just mean a steady paycheck, but also a solid sense they are safely secure in the hotel environment at late night hours.

Installing an access control systemaccess control system, outfitted with security cameras, will give a level of assurance they are being safeguarded against the suspicious motives of strangers entering the hotel premises.

By having surveillance cameras located in strategic spots, employees gain a sense of control when they can monitor guest activity in the halls, common areas, lobbies, and areas surrounding the hotel property. If employees happen to see questionable activity occurring, they can respond quickly by calling on-site security officers, or law enforcement to handle the situation.

Surveillance cameras can also help to curb unauthorized entry to restricted areas, either by guests or outsiders seeking valuable information. Business assets such as private files, safes, and electronics kept in a secure location, and accessible only by security monitoring access control devices as card readers, electronic keys, and fingerprint scanners will permit only employees authorized to enter those spaces.

Installing a security monitoring system that includes access control security cameras, and access control restricted protection devices will give you peace of mind your hotel operations are under control. Call us at 602-248-8477 for a quote or simply click the link below to request an online quote.