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Hospitals and Access Control │Glendale

Hospitals and Access Control Glendale

New Access Control Technology Making an Impact in Healthcare


Healthcare facilities in the Glendale area are facing increasing challenges in improving their security monitoring. Security monitoring is a broad category that covers surveillance cameras, fire alarms, surveillance systems, and intrusion alarms. Security monitoring also includes access control.

Access control in a hospital setting has undergone a transformation, due in part to terrorist attacks that are sadly common. The other reasons are improvements in patient care and protection of hospital medical assets, including ancillary medically-related items.

Access control is a broad topic, applicable to the Internet, computer operating systems, security monitoring networks, business and industry environments.

In full-service hospitals such as exist in Glendale, access control is used in vulnerable spaces like child-birthing rooms, emergency rooms, and ICU. Other areas that must also be access-controlled include storage spaces for prescribed medications, medical supply cabinets, and other items essential for patient care.

Access control security monitoring systems must be able to adapt to the requirements of multiple departments that possess individual needs and differing operational procedures. Flexibility is essential to permit authorized hospital staff to move about without constraints. Authorized access must be coordinated across all relevant departments to keep the functioning of the hospital efficient.

It’s not just hospital staff activities that must be access-controlled, but also aberrant patient behavior. Towards this objective security monitoring manufacturing companies in the forefront of the latest in access control technologies are offering patient-wandering detection systems, which can be incorporated into access control systems like closed circuit television (CCTV).

Other access control innovations include no-touch access control door readers that can scan credentials, authorizing entry by automatically opening the door.

Intelligent keys are another new access control technology gaining acceptance. An intelligent key cannot be duplicated; it can only be replaced with another key that fits the simple cylinder.

These access control technologies and others are changing the landscape of large and small healthcare facilities to the benefit of administrators, doctors, nurses, radiologists, lab technicians, volunteers, and other medical professionals.

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