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Today marked the first eclipse in the continental United States since 1979 and the first one to cross the entire country from coast to coast since 1918. Whether you were fortunate enough to be in the path of totality, enjoyed a partial view, or just basked in the online coverage this celestial event was one for the ages. (Check out this neat gallery!)


Here in Phoenix, we had a peak obscuration rate of 62%. I headed over to the Arizona Science Center for the viewing party and it was quite the experience. It seems they underestimated the general public's interest in space. I waited in line about an hour and a half and didn't even end up getting a pair of eclipse glasses. :(


Thankfully though, there were several telescopes, looking devices, welding glasses and pin hole cameras for all to enjoy. 


My favorite image I was able to take was the one below. The cloudy sky and welding goggles gave the eclipse an appearance that seemed truly out of this world!


All in all it was a very cool experience. I got to chat with a lot of different folks, and we all agreed this truly was a uniting event. It didn't matter your age, color, religion, political leaning etc, we were all just human beings brought together by something greater than all of us.

I'm hoping to interview a few people who were in the path of totality so stay tuned for that!