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Healthcare Administrators: Save Big Money in Ransomware Attacks with a Network Alarm System


Healthcare Administrators: Save Big Money in Ransomware Attacks with a Network Alarm System

The healthcare sector in places like Tempe and elsewhere are experiencing network security breaches at an exponential pace. Because this industry in particular holds extensive repositories of patient medical records, including their identities.

If patient records have been hijacked and held for ransom, known as ransomware attacks, the healthcare facility (usually a hospital) will pay up quickly, since they cannot function without patient records for long at all.

Another cause for concern are healthcare employees, who are authorized to access patient records, and are oftentimes clueless of the vulnerabilities of the hospital network.

A solution to the problem of network security in a healthcare environment is an intrusion detection and prevention (IDS / IPS) alarm system. This dual-component security monitoring software augments a firewall, which cannot possibly stand up to network security attacks from hackers.

Simply described, an IDS / IPS system is a two-step security monitoring management tool. The first component, intrusion detection, monitors events occurring in the network. It does an analysis of the events, looking for indicators of potentially harmful incidents, security breaches, or close-at-hand security threats that can violate security procedures.

The second component, intrusion prevention, overlaps intrusion detection, also monitoring events, but taking the additional step of halting about-to-occur incidents.

An IDS / IPS security monitoring system can perform two important functions: 1) continually monitor the network for might- or might-not-happen incidents, create a log, terminate the incident, and inform security administrators. 2) Note security policy problems and prevent hackers from interrupting security procedures.

As a healthcare administrator in Tempe, it’s important to thwart potentially debilitating security breaches to your network, saving thousands of dollars as a result of implementing an IDS / IPS network alarm system. To set up your own security plan call Phoenix Surveillance at 602-248-8477 or request a quote below.