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Why Your School Needs a Surveillance System

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The safety of our children continues to be a high priority for us and a surveillance system is a smart way to implement security in your school. There are many reasons a security system can improve the overall environment of your campus, so let's examine a few of them.


Easily seen cameras can do much to detour bad behavior. When students know they're being watched it can be an added motivation for them to be on their best behavior. This in turn can give students as well as staff an added measure of safety.

Monitoring Visitors

Cameras can also be useful when used to monitor visitors. They can be placed at strategic areas so staff can be alerted to the presence of visitors. They can also be used to make sure guests sign in at the front desk, and to ensure they follow school rules while they're on the premise.

Curbing Vandalism and Theft

Property crimes are a costly and  unfortunate occurrence we see all too often. Surveillance cameras can be beneficial in this area by watching your property 24/7 and proving necessary footage in the event of a crime. And also, even the sight of cameras may be enough to detour crimes from taking place.

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