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Popular CCTV Camera Styles

You probably already know that installing a surveillance camera system (also known as cctv cameras) can be instrumental in detouring criminal activity. What you may not know is what camera is going to work best for your specific situation. That's where we come in. In this article we'll discuss 3 main styles of cctv cameras and how they work.

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Bullet Style

Bullet style cameras are small, bullet shaped and typically look like a traditional camera. They can be easily mounted on flat surfaces like ceilings and walls. One main advantage is their low cost. If you are in need of an indoor/outdoor camera Infrared Bullet Cameras can be an excellent option due to their ability to work well in low light situations as well as normal lighting conditions.

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Dome Style

The Dome Style camera is recognizable by its dome shape. These cameras are commonly used for locations such a casinos, stores, schools and restaurants. Many people prefer domes because they are more chic and able to blend in to their surroundings. It can also be beneficial because the outer dome can help to conceal the lens, thus making it harder for criminals to know where to look. Infrared models of dome cameras can also be obtained if you need night vision.

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Covert Style

Covert style cameras, also known as "hidden cameras" or "spy cameras" , are an excellent option if you are wanting to monitor people and property secretly. These camouflaged cameras can be hidden in casings to resemble fire sprinklers, alarm sensors, smoke detectors or whatever small object the customer would like. These cameras typically won't give you the best in picture quality, but if you're willing to sacrifice picture quality for covertness, then this style may be the best option for you.

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