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3 Tips for Safe Passwords

3 Tips for Safe Passwords


In light of it being World Password Day we thought it would be a good idea to give some helpful reminders on how to choose a good password. Here are 3 tips from The Federal Trade Comission on how you can do that. (See for more tips!)

1. Avoid common words, phrases, or information. Don’t use information available to others like your birthday, phone number, or Social Security number. Attackers often use a dictionary of previously exposed passwords and information gathered from the internet to help them guess a password.

2. Change passwords quickly if there is a breach. Attackers who steal data from companies often obtain password information. If you receive a notification from a company about a possible breach, change that password and any account that uses a similar password immediately.

3. Consider a password manager. Most people have trouble keeping track of all their passwords. Consider storing your passwords and security questions in a password manager, an easy-to-access application that allows you store all your valuable password information in one place. Use a strong password to secure the information in your password manager. 

In this dangerous digital world we live in it's vital to keep your password secure! Be sure to implement these tips to stay as safe as possible.