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Video Monitoring and Commercial Businesses │Scottsdale

Video Monitoring and Commercial Businesses Scottsdale


Safeguard and Protect Your Retail Business with Video Monitoring

Commercial retailers in Scottsdale, are you reluctant to install video monitoring equipment in your store? Not having an adequate video monitoring system can put you at risk for loss of inventory, cash receipts, and vandalism. 

To help you make a decision to purchase a video monitoring system here are some actionable reasons:

  • When you position surveillance cameras around your store you can deter crimes from occurring, and save many thousands of dollars every year.
  • Live monitoring with commercial surveillance cameras empowers an authorized employee, such as that hard-working store manager of yours to watch all areas of your store through a CCTV monitor, connected to surveillance cameras. This is a boon to your commercial business as it’s impossible to patrol every aisle in your store, especially if you lease a large space.
  • From a remote-control spot like the cash register area, probably located near the front of the store, a CCTV monitor situated there will help to give the manager a clear view of all customer activity, happening throughout the store.
  • Beside a CCTV to monitor the action, you can choose an Internet protocol (IP) surveillance camera to view the goings-on, using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. How convenient is that?
  • Disputes between customers and employees can occur. We know of one instance in which a store employee managed to short-change a customer by a significant amount of money. If a video surveillance camera had been trained on the cash register, the employee would’ve been caught red-handed.

You don’t want to lose profits, or the customers that bring in those profits. So, take the time today to call Phoenix Surveillance. We will give you a free quote on any video monitoring system you’re thinking about buying. Call 602-248-8477 or click the link below to request a quote.