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Surveillance Cameras and Industrial Businesses │Scottsdale

Surveillance Cameras and Industrial Businesses │Scottsdale

CCTV: What It Is and How It Works

Many new industry startups in Scottsdale want to know what CCTV is and how CCTV can benefit their businesses.
CCTV is the acronym for closed circuit television, defined as a closed system, meaning the CCTV signal is not broadcast over the airwaves externally. Instead the circuit is internal, with direct connections made between the security camera, display monitor, and video recording device (VRD). The VRD transmits its footage to the closed-circuit elements. The most basic CCTV systems connect to the display monitor using a coaxial cable. More cameras can be added as long as there are corresponding monitor outputs.
It should also be noted that today’s VRDs are digital, capable of holding more video as well as an automatic data backup feature.

CCTV is most often used for surveillance cameras, found in many industrial businesses such as hospitality, banking, restaurants, retail, healthcare, and more.

CCTV is an adaptable system in that as long as a camera can broadcast a signal, it can become part of a CCTV system. And it doesn’t matter if the security camera is wired or wireless.

The best use of CCTV is with the most sophisticated surveillance cameras. These kinds of cameras contain pan / tilt / zoom features that permit the user to control the camera by remote means.

CCTV can also accommodate hidden cameras. The upside of hidden security cameras is they can fool crooks into thinking they are free and clear from getting recorded while committing criminal acts. The downside is that hidden surveillance cameras will not keep crimes from being carried out as with a visible security camera that can be detected.

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