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Security Systems and Restaurants │Scottsdale

Security Systems and Restaurants Scottsdale

Affordable Security Systems Meet Budget-Conscious Business Needs


Scottsdale restaurant owners know running a busy dining establishment entails many security monitoring issues that must be handled. A security system must be establish to observe credit card transactions, cash transactions, and employee and patron behavior. After-business hours pose other risks, affecting your business’s bottom line, including theft or vandalism. Then there are threats to your business’s investments like a failed freezer that could cost add tremendous cost to your bottom line.

A well-set-up surveillance security system is vital to help you protect your business assets and the safety of your restaurant staff. Three solutions that can assist in this endeavor are invasion protection, access control, and video monitoring.

  • Invasion protection works through the systematic placement of such products as theft alarms and silent panic buttons to aid in securing employee and patron safety and security.
  • Access control is ever-evolving to give you better solutions to out-of-date mechanical locks and keys, implementing instead electronic locks, security tags, and access control cards. These products will prevent security concerns as code-sharing among employees, or a former employee having possession of a key.

Other access control products can prevent entry to such vulnerable spaces where walk-ins and freezers are kept, along with liquor and wine inventories (susceptible to theft).

  • Advanced video monitoring cameras will track activity in crucial locations like cash drawers, entryways and exits.

To protect other business assets such as the already-mentioned risk of an out-of-order freezer, new temperature-monitoring instruments can be incorporated into your security monitoring system.

These latest advances in security systems are a wise decision to help you save money in the long run. Our advice is to call Phoenix Surveillance today to find out what your restaurant’s particular needs are, and how upgrading to a new security monitoring system can be made affordable. Call us at 602-248-8477 or click the link below to request a quote online.