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Surveillance Systems for Marijuana Grow Facilities

In 2010 prop 203 was passed in Arizona, making medical marijuana legal. One of the state regulations dispensaries must meet in order to conduct business is having functioning video surveillance systems that monitor the premises at all times. At Phoenix Surveillance we offer our services for your grow facility to have the needed surveillance specifications.

Due to the nature of grow facilities security is of the utmost importance. Dispensary managers everywhere would agree that protecting their assets is imperative to the success of the business. Cameras placed in key locations at all entry and exit positions helps to prevent robberies and provide thorough footage in the event of infiltration. Cameras should also be installed in any area where cash in handled. Sales areas should also be fitted with surveillance cameras in case an employee or customer shoplifts.

Surveillance cameras can also do a lot to keep employees who work at marijuana grow facilities honest. Having a camera on them at all times will instill conscientious behavior from your employees. Strategically placed cameras near any place where cash is kept, for example the register or cash safes will provide an added level of security for your dispensary.

Surveillance can also benefit the growing process of marijuana. Cameras placed in vital areas in the grow room can assist the operators in close monitoring of the crops. This help to grow the plants in the most efficient manner and yield the best results. Close monitoring of the surveillance footage can also help to pinpoint unfruitful growing  practices and make the needed adjustments.


At Phoenix Surveillance we have the latest technology in surveillance cameras, cctv and access control to ensure your marijuana grow facility is safe and running at peak efficiency. Our friendly and professional staff are ready to help you select the best security options around! Call 602-248-8477 today or click the link below to request a quote!