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National Wave at the Surveillance Cameras Day

August 16th is "National Wave at the Surveillance Cameras Day" so we wanted to take a moment to commemorate this seemingly odd and perplexing holiday.

Surveillance cameras have become a necessary and important part of our lives. Although the constant surveillance of the world around us is often the subject of controversy, most people would agree that they have made the world a safer place. They can help to prevent crimes, assist in criminal investigations, help to monitor traffic, help retail businesses control inventory and more.

Even with all of the obvious advantages it can be a strange feeling knowing that you're being constantly monitored. There are many issues to consider when one examines to social and personal ramifications of the extensive surveillance we see. It can definitely be a weighty issue. So Wave at the Surveillance Cameras Day was created to add a bit of light heartedness to a topic that is normally overwhelmingly serious.


What's the best way to celebrate it? Just wave! It's that easy. This day was created in hopes that people can forget about the serious problems we face, even if just for a moment. So be on the lookout for any surveillance cameras in the area and give them a friendly wave. (Dancing is optional.) Hopefully it'll bring you some joy to your day, not to mention anyone who's monitoring the footage!