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Fun Facts Friday: The Security Camera

Fun Facts Friday:

The Security Camera

Fun Facts


1. The first instance of security cameras took place in Peenemunde, Germany. German engineer Walter Burch created the CCTV camera at Test Stand VII to watch the launch of a the German V2 Rocket in 1942.



2. Surveillance cameras were not used publicly until 1962 when cameras were installed in Olean, New York to monitor and discourage crime.



3. The first industry to adopt the use of security cameras to prevent theft was the banking industry.

vintage bank

4. However, today we are using about 25 million cameras, world-wide.



5. Singapore Airport contains over 3000 security cameras alone.



6. The UK has 4 million CCTV cameras or 20% of the world's total security cameras. The UK has the maximum number of CCTV cameras in proportion to their population. There is one camera for every 14 people.



7. The London Tube Network alone is secured by as many as 11,000 cameras.



8. CCTV surveillance cameras are used in industrial areas like chemical plants or nuclear power plants where humans have little to no access to due the severe chemical conditions.



9. Apparently, the average citizen is caught on camera about 300 times in one day.



10. It is estimated that 67% of burglaries can be prevented with the use of CCTV cameras.



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