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National Pet Fire Safety Day: Do What You Can to Keep Your Pet Safe


National Pet Fire Safety Day:

Do What You Can to Keep Your Pet Safe

July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day. Almost everyone owns a pet that has practically evolved into an important member of their family. Unfortunately, pets are prone to accidents. Whether they're the cause of an unexpected fire or caught in the crossfire (literally), they'll need you, their owner, to become their personal firefighter. We have the measures you should take in either case. Be their Hero!

Before the Fire-

Pet proof your kitchen!

The kitchen is one place in the household where fires are most likely to occur. We all know cats love anything that twists or turns. Make sure if your stove has knobs that they are secured by knob covers or completely removed.

Hide those wires!

Electrical cords definitely could spark the curiosity of your teething dog. To avert your dogs attention from these electrical chew toys, stow them away behind furniture or remove them and replace them when you return. Conceal outlets with covers so your frisky feline friend doesn't go clawing at the plug sockets.

Go metal!

If you have glass bowls on a wooden deck, especially in the blazing Phoenix heat, there's strong potential for an outdoor fire igniting right in your backyard. Replace any outdoor glass bowls with metal or plastic to prevent the fiery destruction of your deck!

Shelter them!

Train your pets to retire to a comfortable and charming kennel while you're away. This way you don't have to worry about your eager pals getting into any unwarranted danger. Be sure the kennel is stowed near an exit so your pet doesn't get trapped in the theoretical inferno.

Fake it 'till you make it!

That's right, no more leaving real candles aflame and unattended. Replace them with battery operated, flameless candles. They even have scented ones! You can still achieve that candlelit ambiance while eliminating any pesky pet odors.

Animals, especially dogs, don't always respond to fires the way that humans do. They don't seem to receive monstrous, amber flames as a threat.

In Case of a Fire-

Be ready!

Make sure your pets collar is tightly fastened and if leashes are needed, they are conveniently stored at each exit.

Use those tools!

Have a fire extinguisher at hand, smoke detectors on and functioning, and, to be even more secure, install sprinklers. These methods can usually be used to contain or smother a small fire.

No pet left behind!

In the event that you are not home when a fire occurs, leave multiple window stickers or tags that list your pets and the rooms they are secured away in. This assists the firefighter in finding all your animals in a time efficient manner.

Your pets rely on you to keep them out of trouble and protect them from severe harm. Take these steps into serious consideration and utilize these preventative measures to save your pet's life from a fire.


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