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5 Tips for Cyber Security


5 Tips for Cyber Security


Cyber security is something we're hearing more and more about these days. Hackers continue to prey on vulnerabilities both in professional and personal settings. It can seem like a daunting and unwinnable prospect, but there are ways we can protect ourselves. Let's talk about a few of those ways.


1.) Make sure you have the latest Updates


You want to make sure your PC has all the latest updates because these often have patches that will protect you from the latest dangers. Be sure to use an antivirus program and have it scan regularly for any security threats.


2.) Strong Passwords are a MUST


Make it a habit to regularly change your passwords. And make sure they are complex, using a strong mix of characters. Also, it's not a good idea to keep the same password for multiple sites.


3.) Use Extreme Caution with Email


Email continues to be the downfall of many a computer virus victim. So be careful! Always use caution when clicking on any link or attachment, even if the sender looks familiar. If in doubt, simply don't do it.


4.) It's OK to Say 'No'


Don't be quick to give out unwarranted information. If someone calls or emails you asking for sensitive information, no is a perfectly good answer. It's also perfectly acceptable to ask why they're asking for this information.


5.) Back Up Data FREQUENTLY


In addition to cyber attacks, backing up your data is just a good idea, plain and simple. There are many external forces or internal glitches that could cause you to lose everything. (Trust me, I have learned this the hard way.) In the event that you lose your data you want to make sure you're able to restore what you had easily. I recommend backing up in at least two physically separate places.


Obviously there are many other things you can do to protect yourself. So stay tuned for the next article in the series as well as some podcasts on the topic!