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Retail Businesses and Intrusion Alarms │Surprise

Retail Businesses and Intrusion Alarms Surprise

Intrusion Alarms Protect Inventory and Property


Commercial retail business owners operating in Surprise, are you aware of the many types of intrusion alarms available to suit the needs of your particular business for protection against intruders and theft?

An intrusion alarm is engineered to note the intrusion of any unauthorized person into your store. Intrusion alarms offer protection against inventory shrinkage and acts of vandalism.

In more sophisticated intrusion alarm systems integration with a closed-circuit television (CCTV) security monitoring system will record criminals in the act of theft or property damage.

Depending on the size of your commercial retail business you may only need a device, which emits a beeping sound; for instance, every time a customer enters or leaves the store. If you own a smallish retail business like a donut or sandwich shop this would be an appropriate and affordable solution.

Larger commercial retail businesses such as large appliance stores may need intrusion alarm devices equipped with security cameras, spotlights, and lasers.

Commercial retail businesses like car dealerships might choose a premises control unit (PCU), or alarm control panel (ACP). These sensor-based intrusion alarms scan inputs and warns whenever there is an intruder.

Grocery store owners might want the protection of an alerting intrusion alarm device. Usually equipped with bells, sirens, or a combination of sirens and flashing lights, it can serve a dual function: signaling an intruder has entered and startling them into leaving.

Many more types of intrusion alarms are manufactured including motion detectors, photoelectric beams, hold up / panic, and door contacts to name some.

An intrusion alarm that meets the needs of your retail business is out there. For more information, and to consult with an intrusion alarm expert, call  Phoenix Surveillance today at 602-248-8477 or click the link below to request a quote.