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Surveillance Cameras and Shopping Malls │Gilbert

Surveillance Cameras and Shopping Malls Gilbert


Surveillance Cameras Protect, Deter, and Curb Crime at Shopping Malls

Commercial shopping malls, as operation managers in Gilbert know, attract more customers than just about any other commercial business. Shopping malls are usually multi-leveled, holding retail outlets, many casual dining establishments, movie theaters, even hair salons.

Vast amounts of money exchange hands, and merchandise is openly available for clever shoplifters. Storage spaces receive inventory from loading docks, so there are plenty of opportunities for thieves to swipe items.

With all this activity occurring in such busy and crowded environments surveillance cameras are an absolute must to deter and catch thieves, including dishonest employees.

Shopping malls use several types of surveillance cameras to observe shoppers. In this respect, they serve three purposes: to detect crimes taking place, record violent incidents, and give customers the assurance they are being protected.

CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Many shopping malls employ closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras to watch over public areas such as food courts and movie theater lobbies.  CCTV surveillance cameras are capable of producing good-quality images, and security officers at remote locations get an accurate view of the mall environment.

Bullet Surveillance Cameras

Bullet surveillance cameras are visible and typically used to monitor activity in parking lots. They must be strategically placed because they are fixed to target only specified areas.

Dome Surveillance Cameras

Dome surveillance cameras are hard to detect because they feature a dark-colored lens. They are usually discovered in passageways, retail outlets, and food courts. If an individual does notice a dome camera they can’t tell in which direction the surveillance camera is pointed. A dome camera possesses a wide-angle lens so larger spaces can be targeted for illicit activity.

Surveillance cameras used at commercial shopping malls, backed by security officers viewing all mall activity from a remote security monitoring center, offer the best possible protection for shoppers and retailers against shopping mall crime.

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