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Industrial Fire Alarm Systems │Scottsdale

Industrial Fire Alarm Systems │Scottsdale

Quick-Talk About Industrial Fire Alarm Systems


As any experienced manufacturer in Scottsdale knows, manufacturing encompasses many variables. You manage multiple tasks, handling materials, setting up and maintaining work processes, tracking inventory, and rushing your products to the marketplace.

You have assets to protect, not the least of which is your facility and manufacturing equipment. The worst of all possible scenarios is if a fire should erupt, which could bring your plant to a screeching halt, if not complete collapse.

In order to protect your business, you need the newest generation of integrated fire alarm systems. And that would include components as a fire alarm, sprinkler, and security monitoring (heat, water, temperature, and pressure).

Fire alarm systems are many-tentacled, branching out into several categories and sub-categories. We can start by talking about the two basic types of fire alarms: automatic and manual.

Automatic fire alarm systems operate by transmitting an audio-visual alert when the fire alarm system detects smoke. The audio can be a computerized voice, announcing that an emergency has been reported, and further instructions on how to evacuate the building. The visual component could be strobes or flashing lights.

Manual fire alarm systems possess pull stations, located at convenient spots throughout the building. If well-placed, an individual should be within viewing distance of one of a number of pull stations.

Industrial fire alarm systems stretch into other areas such as smoke and heat detection, sprinkler and water flow systems, even sensing smoke coming through an HVAC duct.

Descending further into the Byzantine world of fire alarm system manufacturers, they offer conventional, addressable, and hybrid fire alarms. They range from manual to automatic to integrated manual / automated fire alarm systems.

As you can see by the wealth of information dispensed in this short blog, there’s a fire alarm system out there appropriate for your manufacturing business.

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