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Industrial Cameras the Smart Choice for Your Business

Industries across the spectrum like those in Phoenix need the features and benefits of an industrial-grade camera. Whether you are in the computer, construction, energy, healthcare, or food production field (among many other fields), you need security cameras you can count on to be dependable for the long haul.

Industrial-grade security cameras outperform consumer-grade security cameras, in that they are engineered to last longer under heavy and sustained usage. They can take a lot of abuse due to their rugged construction and durable materials with less chance of a failure.

Industrial-grade surveillance cameras frequently contain features, and a selection of options that include many kinds of adjustments not found on consumer-grade security cameras.

Industrial-grade surveillance cameras are usually purchased with a warranty included and are repairable. With the purchase of an industrial-grade security camera technical support is available.

What follows is a description of the different types of security cameras and their use:

Dome Surveillance Cameras

These types of cameras take their cue from being known as eye-in-the-sky types, because they are ceiling-mounted devices. Two types are manufactured: an inflexible security camera, limited to one position, and a remotely-controlled smart camera, able to pan, tilt, and zoom in on a target.

Bullet Surveillance Cameras

These security cameras are present wherever you go. Cylindrical-shaped and of larger dimensions than consumer-grade, industrial-grade is sturdier in construction, and made of resilient materials. You can wall-mount them wherever you desire a view of a particular area.

Live-Streaming Surveillance Cameras

Another smart camera that can send a signal straight to a computer or smart phone for viewing in real-time.

Hidden Surveillance Cameras

These can be disguised as a clock, smoke detector, or any other device you’d find in an industrial setting.

Industrial-grade security cameras require more of an investment, but look at it this way. You’re investing for the future. Because consumer-grade security cameras will not last as long and are not always capable of being upgraded. In addition, depending on consumer-grade security cameras can cost you in time-consuming repairs.

Now you’ve the facts at hand about industrial-grade cameras, contact Phoenix Surveillance to talk over what industrial-grade security cameras will be suitable for your business. Call 602-248-8477 for a quote or simply click the link below.