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Tempe Fire Alarm Systems

Another significant service we offer at Tempe Surveillance is fire alarm installment and routine inspection. Correctly functioning fire alarms are crucial not only for the safety of your business, but for the lives of the staff and surrounding persons.


The Prevalence of Fires in Tempe

As stated on the official City of Tempe website, from 2014-2015 the fire department had approximately 14,604 fire related phone calls! Fires are an expensive and hazardous incidence that unfortunately occurs quite often however, the assistance of fire alarms can provide a more promising outcome. No one wants to contemplate about having to cope with the aftermath of a fire, however some might still


question the importance of having a system installed for their Tempe business.So why is it so indispensable to have a fire alarm system installed within your property?


Propelled Warning


One major element the fire system has is the advanced warning signal. Often when a person sees flames it is already too late, however the fire alarms sensors are made to identify the first signs of a fire and set off a caution alarms for all present. On the off chance that you have a sprinkler system this too will be enacted, putting the fire out immediately before further damage takes place. When it comes to saving lives, having a fire alarm can mean the difference between life and death.




Another additional advantage is detecting when no one is around. This is particularly essential for a business setting since it's improbable that someone will be nearby all day, every day. So in case of a fire occurring when no one is nearby the Tempe fire alarm system will call the professionals for you. This amount of assurance, knowing that monitoring is happening 24/7 can be a huge stress relief to a company.


Where to Start


Picking the most efficient alarm system around your local area can appear to be an undertaking task however, we can help you choose the most efficient fire alert system for your establishment, from requirements to installation and the required upkeep. Our educated sales representatives and specialists will help you any time. Give us a call today for a free quote and we’ll help to make sure you have the best Tempe Fire Alarm System around!