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CRIME WAVE IN SURPRISE - How Can You Protect Yourself?


CRIME WAVE IN SURPRISE - How Can You Protect Yourself?

A recent crime wave in Surprise, Arizona has local businesses on edge. In the past month there have been multiple reports of theft and damage and the cost both in time and equipment has been devastating for these small businesses.

This string of attacks has a lot of Surprise Business Owners wondering what they can do to protect themselves. Even though crime is a constant reality in this day and age there are things you can do to protect yourself. So here are some practical ways you can do just that.

An Open and Tidy Exterior

The key here is to minimize any potential spots for hiding or sneaking around. If you have shrubbery be sure to have it regularly cared for so it doesn't provide unwanted cover. Also make sure you have sufficiant lighting (both indoors and outdoors) and doesn't allow for unseen areas. Stay on top of burnt out light bulbs and ensure a bright atmosphere at all times.

Reinforced Windows and Doors

Reinforced locks for windows and doors can also be a significant theft deterrent. Heavy duty deadbolts, doorjambs, and strike plates can all aid in this regard.

Alarm Systems and Surveillance Cameras

Alarm systems and surveillance cameras are a highly effective way to reduce crime on your property. An alarm system typically offers a network of surveillance equipment that monitors and notifies the proper channels when an unauthorized intruded is detected.

Surveillance cameras act as a 'silent witness' capturing much needed images of the crime and the perpetrator(s). Video technology is constantly getting better and cheaper with each passing year making this a very attainable and powerful tool to fight crime.

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