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The Tech Tip-Off! Girls in Tech Phoenix- The Shatter Series: Mindset Reset

The Tech Tip-Off!

Girls in Tech Phoenix- The Shatter Series: Mindset Reset


GIT or Girls in Tech are hosting their very first GIT speakers series. The speakers will discuss personal and professional development. The main topics of discussion are Mindset, Networking as an Introvert, Self- Regulation, and Creating a Meaningful Life.

The Mindset portion of the discussion will include the idea discovered by world-renowned Stanford University psychologist, Carol Dweck. The idea entails teaching a growth mindset to promote productivity and motivation.

Networking as an Introvert refers to the balance of being an introvert and having the pressure market products, businesses, or yourself in extroverted environments. Speakers will discuss techniques to break the ice and step out of your shell in front of a demanding crowd or network of people.

Self - Regulation mainly reflects the adaptability to certain people and changing situations that could often warrant an atypical reaction. This part of the discussion explains how to develop self-control and the tools needed to communicate effectively, no matter the situation.

Lastly, Creating a Meaningful Life will pertain to the maintaining purpose and intention in our lives that please us as individuals and contribute to our well-being. The speaker mentions taking ownership over our actions and our voices to become in tune with our desires.

The event is today, Thursday July 27th, from 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM at the Gateway Community College, 275 N. GateWay Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85034