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Worker Bee Wednesday

Worker Bee Wednesday

Worker Bee Wednesday

Phoenix Surveillance Employee Spotlight

The Employee Spotlight for this week goes to Lyndon Petersen. Lyndon has been with Phoenix Surveillance for a little over a year now. Lyndon is a man of many roles, but his main position is as a technician. His favorite part about working with Phoenix Surveillance is the people he gets to work with as well as expanding his knowledge in the limitless technological field. Lyndon says that Phoenix Surveillance has impacted his life positively by teaching him determination, modesty, and confidence.

Lyndon's personal mantra is a piece of advice rapper Dr. Dre gave to his apprentice, Eminem. Dr. Dre told Eminem, "You gotta work hard to get it. And you gotta work twice as hard to maintain it." These wise words have emphatically influenced Lyndon's work ethic for the better.

Lyndon says that something people might not know about him is that he can be an extremely empathetic individual. He is also enthusiastic about athletics. He played CLUB Baseball. He's played in about 13 different states as well as assisted in three 1st place championships.

When asked with what three words he would use to describe himself, he chose: Honest, loyal, and diverse. Lyndon is a thoughtful employee who doesn't mind lending a hand to coworkers or clients. He exudes confidence and is an energetic personality in the workplace.

Thank you, Lyndon, for all of your hard work and the positive energy you bring to Phoenix Surveillance!