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Shopping Malls and the Need for Security Cameras Scottsdale

Shopping Malls and the Need for Security Cameras



Commercial shopping centers, especially in Scottsdale, are well-known to attract more customers than other commercial businesses specifically because of the retail abundance and convenience. Not only do they host multiple retail stores in one location, but they also contain restaurants, movie theatres, and salons. Shopping malls are a center that attracts the one-stop shopper.
With so many stores and customers attending to their shopping all day long, money and merchandise is in constant circulation at the mall. This gives shoplifters multiple opportunities to rob. The busy activity of the mall marks it as a susceptible location for theft, which is why security cameras should be installed to deter thieves or any criminal activity from taking place in the establishment.

Research on shoplifting at malls expresses that once someone has stolen from a store and successfully got away with it, they will hit that same store again and again. This will ultimately add to the store's expenses and sometimes the shoplifters are hard to identify by an employee. There is no profile for a shoplifter. Often, shoplifters buy and steal merchandise in the same visit, deflecting employees from suspecting them for theft. Shoplifters can steal anywhere from $2 to $200 per incident. Most of shoplifters have turned robbing into a skill and have almost become professionals at warding off attention. They are often repeat offenders and have honed in on their skill of theft by becoming familiar with stores and employees. In fact, research shows that some shoplifters call the act addicting. Scientifically, a chemical is released in the brain when people shoplift due to the increase in adrenaline and shoplifters react impulsively.

Scottsdale is a city in Arizona where their malls take the big financial hits due to theft. People have been reported to have stolen expensive Rolex watches, merchandise from high-end retail stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, wallets from other customers, and even luxury cars from the parking lot in the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall alone.
Malls in Scottsdale and just in general need to take extra precautionary measures and install surveillance systems everywhere to protect their merchandise and their other customers from theft. Employees can't keep an eye on every customer. Employers need the watchful eye of a security camera to be a reliable witness to any criminal conduct they don't catch.

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