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Network Alarm Systems and Commercial Businesses │Phoenix


Network Alarm Systems and Commercial Businesses │Phoenix

Failsafe Your Business Network with an Intrusion Detection and Prevention Alarm System

Commercial businesses in Phoenix have evolved to the degree they now need more sophisticated tools to protect their private and public networks against security threats. No longer is it enough to use just a firewall. They must augment it using a network-based alarm system, an IDS / IPS intrusion detection and prevention system.

Two components make up an intrusion detection and prevention system: an intrusion detection system (IDS) and an intrusion prevention system (IPS).

Intrusion Detection.

Performs the task of monitoring events showing up in your network. IDS analyzes the events for indicators of possibly-occurring incidents, security breaches, or impending security threats to security procedures.

Intrusion Prevention.

Overlays IDS and also monitors events. But performs the extra step of stopping oncoming incidents.

Challenges to IDS / IPS Addresses

In most business networks, there exists several places in the network that can access other public and private networks. IDS / IPS helps to keep networks open to customers without the networks becoming vulnerable to security interference.

IDS / IPS systems continually monitor your business network, noting and creating logs on incidents that may be threatening your business network, halting the incidents in their tracks, and notifying security administrators.

Another use for IDS / IPS systems is they can proactively troubleshoot security procedures to check if there are any problems that are allowing individuals to violate security procedures. This kind of security monitoring works in real time, identifying and stopping attackers as they try to collect information on your network.

IDS / IPS systems have become indispensable in today’s high-risk security climate, in which attack software has progressed to the level it can defeat even superior security systems. With network security breaches happening all the time at corporations like Target, and most recently Yahoo, a company of today can’t afford not to have the latest in network alarm systems.

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