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Security Cameras in Phoenix

Security Cameras in Phoenix

Are you in the market for new security cameras in Phoenix, Arizona? Finding security cameras in Phoenix can seem like a daunting task. There are multitudes of styles, prices and brands to choose from, but regardless of your individual needs here at Phoenix Surveillance we can help you find whatever security cameras in Phoenix you need. Our friendly and attentive staff are well informed with the cutting edge of technology in regards to security cameras in Phoenix and will be happy to help.

Why are Security Cameras in Phoenix Important?

One of the main reasons people inquire about security cameras in Phoenix is safety. With over 4 million people in the Phoenix Metro area crime is an unfortunate problem we all have to deal with. We live in a dangerous world and peace of mind and safety are on all of our minds. While we cannot eliminate the problem we can do our best to prevent potential risks. Installing security cameras in Phoenix is a prudent step you can take to make your business more safe and secure. Security Cameras in Phoenix will help to prevent crime, assist in criminal investigations, improve the productivity of employees, and more!

What People Have Said About Security Cameras in Phoenix *

We love our customers and they have nothing but good things to say about the security cameras in Phoenix they've had installed. J Doe from company xyz said "Since Phoenix Surveillance installed security cameras in Phoenix for my company, we've had noticeable decrease in break-ins."  Antother customer said "having security cameras in Phoenix installedd has made me feel safer and I would strongly encourage anyone to have Phoenix Surveillance install security cameras in Phoenix.



Security Camera Options

 There are a vast array of security cameras in Phoenix to choose from including Hikvision, Arecont, Axis and Samsung. Here's a sampling of some of our best selling models:

Hikvision  DS-2CD6362F-I 1.27mm

This 6 megapixel fisheye camera has a 360 degree angle, ceiling, wall or table mounts, and up to 3072x2048 real-time streaming. Another great option for security cameras in Phoenix.

Arecont AV20365DN-HB

This cutting edge camera has amazing features to add safety and security to your business. The 20 megapixel camera provides clear and detailed footage. The 360 degree panoramic  coverage gives you a comprehensive view and can even replace multiple conventional cameras by the ability to zoom into multiple regions of interest. And the vandal resistant dome is an essential feature to deter crime in the Phoenix area.

Axis P54 PTZ

This durable, low maintenance security camera is a great option for the harsh weather we have here in Phoenix. An integrated sunshield can easily be repainted to seamlessly blend into the color of the building. The direct drive pan/tilt system enables unsurpassed endurance thus adding to your security. This model offers HDTV 1080p and supports 18x optical zoom with autofocus. These highly detailed views provide better image quality in low-light conditions than many other HDTV PTZ security cameras in Phoenix.

We have many other state-of-the-art security cameras in Phoenix for area business so give us a call today and speak with our qualified sales team to learn about which security cameras in Phoenix work best for your individual organization.

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