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Access Control and Commercial Businesses │Tempe

Access Control and Commercial Businesses Tempe

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Failure is not an Option with Access Control Doors

Do Tempe commercial business owners think that once they’ve got an access control system in place there’s no more worries to be had about business data, and other forms of information experiencing security breaches? You just program the access control system and you’re done? Nope. It’s not so simple. There’s more to it.

Although the ever-improving technology of access control systems used in commercial businesses deliver more sophisticated layers of security with less manual labor, access control systems are dependent in one way on an essential component, the exterior and interior doors. Without well-maintained access control doors, your security monitoring system could topple like a house of cards.

Access control doors and their hardware must be in good working order, or else the access control system will not function correctly.


One example of an access control door that is not operating as it should is the door is not closing completely, making the access control system malfunction. One reason for this is something called door sag. Prolonged stress on door hinges causes the sagging, and eventually the security lock to not engage. By performing the maintenance steps of oiling and adjusting the door hinges, you can avoid door sag.

What is necessary is building supes conduct regular inspections, and also test, perform maintenance, and, as needed, replace doors. This TLC on the part of the building manager will provide certainty that every door of the access control system is up-to-snuff, and able to support the overall integrity of the access control system, each and every one of its multi-layered components.

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