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Fire Alarm Systems and Restaurants │Phoenix

Fire Alarm Systems and Restaurants Phoenix

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Detect and Control Restaurant Fires with an Addressable Fire Alarm System

Restaurants in Phoenix run a high risk of having a fire break out. More than half the time statistics have shown it is a kitchen fire. Chefs and cooks deal with exposed flames, and adding this element to extreme cooking temperatures and a busy and chaotic environment, creates the conditions for a perfect storm.

This is why it is a restaurant owner’s duty to ensure the safety of employees and patrons by installing a fire alarm system, capable of quickly detecting a fire and sending a signal to the nearest fire responders.

The first line of defense in dealing with a fire is a working smoke detector. Smoke detectors must be inspected every six months to ensure they are operational, or need to be replaced.

Once a smoke detector has detected a fire it triggers the fire alarm system. Two basic types of fire alarm systems are manufactured: a conventional fire alarm system, also known as non-addressable, and an addressable fire alarm system.

A non-addressable fire alarm system is less expensive, but possesses limited adaptability and awareness of the fire conditions. A non-addressable fire alarm system is composed of a discrete set of wires that connect to a specific location.

An addressable system uses a loop-wire connection, in which the wires connect direct to the control panel. This configuration is more sophisticated, creating a faster response time. An addressable fire alarm system maximizes cooperation with other parts of fire-response equipment, for example, suppression or sprinkler systems.

As a restaurant owner, you want to quickly bring a fire event under control, and avoid disrupting the dining experience as little as possible, preventing loss of profits.  You can accomplish this with the superior features and performance of an addressable fire alarm system.

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