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Access Control and Data Privacy Day


Access Control and Data Privacy Day

In this day and age data privacy is of the utmost importance. Stories of data breaches are in the news constantly, whether it's on a massive international scale or a more limited one. Indeed this digital age we live in calls for more security than ever before. In light of that "Data Privacy Day" was created as a day to take a good look at the security measures you have in place and encourage you to protect your privacy.
It is particularly important for businesses to keep their data safe. All businesses hold vital information such as sensitive customer data or even personal information of those you employ. Good security measures should be in place both digitally and physically. A quality access control system can give you peace of mind in this area.

Here are a few of the benefits having an access control system:

Physical Keys Are History

Physical key and lock systems are basic and sometimes effective, but modern technology has given us a much more efficient and streamlined method of access control. Use technology to its advantage and get an access control system that keeps you safe in a sophisticated and technological way.

Unparalleled Records

Access control also gives you highly valuable digital information. This data includes a readout of every entry and exit to the building. This can prove to be vital for things like time card reconciliation as well as assisting in criminal investigations in the event of criminal activity.

Remote Access

Remote access is an added advantage. This can enable you to "buzz in" visitors to the building from an offsite locality. It can also help you to easily put the whole building in lock down in the event of an emergency.
Maybe you've heard of access control, but just haven't gotten around to installing an access control system for your company. Don't delay! Call Phoenix Surveillance TODAY and we can assist you in finding an access control solution that works best for you.